Summer reading – “Room” by Emma Donoghue – Book Review

Super duper excited to share my favorite book of all time with you! If you’ve not read room then you really should and if you haven’t watched the movie then where have you been?

I’ll be honest, I love reading, but sometimes I can get bored, I’ll put the book down and I won’t pick it up until two weeks later.. I know.. terrible because I instantly forget about the story line. 

But I got to admit something and that’s that Room has been my first “sit down” book to read, I read a bit every night (some nights not putting the book down until my eyes were sore) and by the end of the book I was not only proud of myself but bloody hell what a great written book. 

Yeah.. I had the urge to read it all over again. But then they only went and filmed the whole movie based around it five years later after the book release and I got an excited feeling “I’ve got to watch this”. 

Me and Trevor both watched it together and it was an exciting moment for me to share with him this book I’d been loving so much, Trevor doesn’t like reading but give him a movie and you’ll find him watching it. 

So what’s Room all about? 

Jack is 5, he lives with his ma in a shed or otherwise known as a prison cell as to where old nick has locked them up, ma has been there for the past seven years and jack has never stepped foot outdoors. Ma does everything she can to help Jack grow up and try to live a normal life (playing, eating and sleeping). At night Jack sleeps in a wardrobe, this is when old nick pays a visit. 

As Jack turns 5, Ma thinks of an escape plan, relying on Jack to remember and stick to it. Jack does well and they both eventually escape. Confused and shy to the outside world Jack takes in all of the surroundings, learning new things and meeting new people, it’s a whole new world now, but at least Jack still has his ma. 

When reading the story you really draw up these images inside your head and try to put picture pieces together and imagine things like, how big is the shed? what does jack and ma look like? How big and scary is this old nick? but in the movie Jack actually has long hair. So for me it was really good to watch the movie after the story to visualize and get a better understanding of how this life really was. 

Both the story and movie got me gripped to my chair. It was really captivating and had me interested for so long. 

I really recommend this book and if you’re not a book fan then watch the movie. I believe the book was an international best seller. I’ll leave some images below of parts of the movie. 

Image result for room emma donoghue movie

Image result for room emma donoghue movie

Image result for room emma donoghue movie

(Images taken from Google, if you own an image please contact me and I will be glad to credit you.)

Hope you enjoyed today’s blog! I certainly did. A huge shoutout to Emma Donoghue for such a great story.

Let me know below if you’ve either watched or read the story “Room” would be nice to get your thoughts of it! 

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My Top 3 New Beauty Products!

Another day.. Another blog.. Another cup of coffee.. 

How are ya all? Thought I’d do a quick little blog as I couldn’t wait to share with you all not one, not two but three of my top favorite beauty/makeup products that I have been using recently! So let’s get started and let me know in the comments below if you’ve used/using any of these products and how they work for you. 


Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil 

Err hello probably one of the best eyebrow pencils around! I couldn’t wait to try this out! I’ve heard many good reviews about it and when I got it I was jumping around like a kid in a candy store. I mean.. who wouldn’t?

Shop Here



Mac (Soft and Gentle) Highlighter

I’ve been trying out many highlighters over the past couple of months from liquid products to powders but never felt that any have really stood out for me, so I decided to try this MAC summer skinfinish a go as I’ve heard many good reviews about it.. and I can honestly say it’s the best highlighter yet! It gives you such a nice peachy shimmer and really adds a radiant finish to your face. I totally recommend it! 

Shop Here


Soap and Glory Pillow Plump (Sexy Mother Pucker) XXL

I can not tell you how much I have been looking for a lip plumper that “actually” plumps so if you know of any good ones then let me know below! But I have to say I have a lot of love recently for this lip plumper, strangely taste and smells nice.. could just be me.. and is well in the affordable budget of £10. Actually plumps but I have to warn you it does give an extreme tingling sensation on your lips a short while after applying. So as this one is really good for now, I’m still on the lookout for the one. If you want me to do a review with this product (a before and after lip picture) let me know in the comments below).

Shop Here


So there’s my top three makeup products that i’ve recently been loving. What’s yours? Let me know below so I can try some out! 

Catch you in another blog! 


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Salmon, sea shells and courgettes! – Easy Pasta Recipe


Did that thing where you buy some random things from the store and find the other half of ingredients in ya cupboard and somehow pray that a meal will come together.. 

Well it did.. luckily. 

And as you can tell by the title.. well it was hard to choose a title recipe name.

So I’ve called it (Salmon, Sea shells and courgettes) how’s that sound?

Well I can tell you that this tasted bloody delicious and I’m leaving it up to you to try it out yourself and well then you can thank me later. 

Full of flavours and a variety of colours, ooh it’s making my mouth water as I sit and type this. 

Anyway.. let’s get on with the recipe. 


1 courgette 

2 large handfuls of pasta shells

Smoked salmon (ready to eat)

Handful of peas or green beans (optional)

Pepper and salt

Table spoon of Oil



  • Fill up your saucepan with water just over half way and set it on the hob until it is boiling. 


  • Once the water has boiled put your pasta shells in and set a timer for 12 minutes, stir every so often. Whilst waiting, this is the time to chop up the courgette. Once your pasta has at least 3 minutes left, start to fry your courgettes (and peas/green beans if you want to add them too) in the frying pan with a little oil, turning regularly until cooked.



  • Once the pasta is cooked drain the water and place the pasta into a bowl, in this case the other day I made some for lunch so I placed the pasta into some lunch boxes below.


  • Once the courgettes look cooked enough, place them onto a plate and this is optional if you want to cut them up keep them as whole.


  • Place them into the pasta bowl and put a sprinkle of salt and pepper over. After apply the salmon on top and oh sweet jesus grab a fork and eat. 

I also decided to prepare some for my lunch ready for work the next day, if you’re going to do that, obviously let the courgettes and pasta cool completely before applying the salmon on and putting in the fridge for the next day. 

      IMG_20170628_115507  IMG_20170628_115531

Just something I chose to make and put together within 5 minutes of looking around the kitchen and in the fridge.. it can be done, try it out, see what you can make. 

Hope you liked it! 

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Love Trev and Jess



A Day At London Zoo!

Howdy y’all

Had to get my inner child out and let you know I went to London zoo last Saturday.. in like the 35° heat lol, very rare for the UK so I guess we shouldn’t complain, however I did put sun cream on but obviously was having way too much fun that I forgot to reapply, so the answer to did I get burnt? is yes I did. 

Can’t complain had a bloody good time, second time there although I’m pretty sure I’ve been there many times with my school when I was younger so i’m pretty much a zoo keeper.. lol.

But no, honestly it was so good, there is so much to do there and so much to see, you never get bored even at the age of 22, even though my head nearly got taken off by a huge bird during a show lol let’s not discuss that one.

It was lovely to see children enjoying themselves in the splash park area and family’s having cute picnics and yes yes yes just like a child I totally got an ice cream and if you were wondering.. two large and I repeat large scoops did it for me, vanilla and caramel but like all tourist places.. it cost an arm and a leg.

If you were contemplating about going, I believe I paid £24.30 for an adult ticket online but on the door it is more expensive just a heads up.

And can we take a moment to notice and appreciate how beautiful these animals really are, often we can get to complacent with the outside world and not focus on the real beauty which is right in front of us, just so spectacular. 

IMG_20170617_113533       IMG_20170617_113538




One thing that really made me laugh at the zoo was that these little ring tailed Lemurs posing for pictures and looking right at us.. but two seconds went by and they must have got to shy (look below)


“No pictures please” haha. 



Black Headed Python 



Striped Zebras 

Obviously wanted to save my favorite animal in the whole wide world till the very end, actually going to be my future pet I really want a baby tortoise. Watch this space haha.



Safe to say I enjoyed my time at the zoo haha. Get out there and see what this world has to offer to us, its beautiful. 

Question for you all (Let me know in the comments below): What is your favorite zoo animal? 

Peace out. 

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Love Trev and Jess



Easy Spring Cupcakes!

Howdy do! Howdy do! Howdy do! haha happy spring! or shall I say summer? How nice has the weather been here in the UK?! Trevor say’s that the weather is nice in Michigan to! So how are you? I only went and made some spring cupcakes hehe, if you want you can follow the recipe below!


  • 110g Butter
  • 110g Caster Sugar
  • 2 Free range eggs
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract
  • 110g Self Raising Flour
  • 2 tbsp milk (If needed for more of a good consistency – add with flour)




1. Preheat the oven to 180c/Gas Mark 4. Line up your muffin tray with 9 cupcake cases.


 2. In a bowl mix together the butter and the sugar until a creamy texture is formed.

IMG_7459         IMG_7460

3. Beat in the eggs and add the vanilla extract.

IMG_7461          IMG_7463

4. Fold in the flour and stir a little at a time. This is also the time to add in cocoa powder if you want chocolate cupcakes.. in this case, obviously I put chocolate cocoa powder in. 


5. Use a spoon to pour the mixture into the cupcake cases. At this stage you can add 2 tbsp of milk in to make more of a good consistency.


6. Bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes, super quick! (This is also the perfect time to do all the messy washing up) and if you’re like me.. (also time to lick the bowl, I mean who doesn’t?) 

IMG_7475      IMG_7480

7. Once the cakes are golden brown and the time is up take them out to cool and test to see if they are properly cooked using a probe. (The probe should come out of the muffins clean)


8. Set the cupcakes a side and let them cool for 5-10 minutes. Get your icing out ready as well as any decorations, in this case I picked up some easy yummy chocolate icing by Dr Oetker which I believe you can get in 3 different colours (Pink, Chocolate and vanilla) and I also picked up these super cute spring, edible sugar flowers, you can purchase them online here  otherwise you can purchase them in Sainsbury’s. 


Decorate your cupcakes however you want! This is how mine turned out 🙂




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So what a great positive way to kick off the weekend ay, 500 followers wow, we just want to say thank you to everyone who likes, comments and most importantly follow and to everyone who read our blogs, it makes us so happy to see you guys enjoy reading them.

We started this blog as something to do in our spare time when we were sat in our apartment one day and from that day, blogging has become even more fun, with lots of blogs planned for the upcoming months we can’t wait to show you all. 

As our journey continues we honestly couldn’t be happier to have you all on board with us, walking through our visa process together until we are together permanently, some of you have read every blog from the beginning so thank you and we hope you continue to stay. 

This is also a chance to say a HUGE hello and welcome on board to all of our new followers, how are you? let us know below!

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A British Spring


Well howdy pals, its spring! Another day, another month and another day closer until we close our long distance gap and what better way to share with you all some of my favorite scenery moments throughout it! I’m not even sure which flower is my favorite to choose from this spring, I think many people across the blogging network are loving the peonies which I’ve not had a chance to purchase just yet.. I know.. I gotta. But how do you choose between tulips which can I say are in like 54 different colours and pretty pink peonies, honestly what a hard choice especially as Trevor will agree, Pink is my all time favorite colour, no matter what day, season or mood.. pink, pink, pink and then you end up standing in the store for a while deciding which flowers to get when let’s be honest all you really want to do is buy the whole flower section, no? 

I felt like I wanted to share a special moment with you guys.. this time last year Trevor was over here with me in the UK and he got to experience spring and summer, we went for many walks which we loved, saw many flowers and got attacked by hundreds of wasps.

It’s the little things you remember and one that I thought about this morning was that where we were living in our apartment was a large area of open land for you to explore and take a dog for a walk (although we still don’t have our golden retriever) it was lovely to just spend the evening together and go for a walk, we came across many passages and part of the land had a hidden tree swing which hung above a stream (definitely teenage scout built) I was totally scared and multiple times Trevor stood at the bottom ready to catch me haha, but it was so much fun and I would definitely do it again. 

Far to many of us.. I’m one of them, are spending so much time with our heads down in our phones or to busy to realise the world around us, did you see that flower up the road? no? Take a look the next time you’re out. At the moment I’m loving going for spring walks, leaving my phone at home and taking in the mother nature. Another thing I’m doing at the moment (purely because I don’t have a car but purely because i’m trying to be healthy lol says the one currently munching some cake) is bike ride to work, but I’ve discovered things i’ve not discovered before whilst driving and I’m appreciating the nature a lot more now then I did. So take the time. 

Sadly, recently my granddad passed away, he loved gardening and was always out there sunday mornings cutting the grass or planting flowers when I turned up at his house. And one of the them are these beautiful purple flower clematis that always lit up every year on the back garden fence. Now every other sunday I attend the house these remind me of what a happy place the garden was for my granddad. Take a look at the flowers below. 


Check out some more pictures below of spring! 



So happy Spring! Make the most of it because before you know it summer will be here! Happy June! 🙂


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